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  • Who are we?
    We are San Andreas Fire & Rescue.

    The San Andreas Fire & Rescue provides Fire and Medical services to the citizens of San Andreas in an effective manner to ensure the safeguard of the lives and property of San Andreas.

    San Andreas Fire & Rescue is dedicated to being the finest community-focused Fire & Rescue that meets the ever-changing needs of our community while maintaining a safe and vigilant community


    Our Mission Statement
    Our Mission as San Andreas Fire and Rescue is to provide medical and rescue services to the state of San Andreas. We do not deny service to anyone, no exceptions. We want to keep the State of San Andreas healthy and Safe.

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  • Recruitment Status

    General Recruitment: Open

    Transfers in: Open

    Transfers Out: Open


  • Active

    Subdivisions & Certifications

    Here at San Andreas Fire Rescue we offer a wide variety of Subdivisions & Certifications

    Subdivision: Something that is ran and overseen by a High Command member & your callsign will change

    Certification: Something that is usely earned by training. It is overseen by all High command members & you will use your normal callsign



    Bureau of Fire Protection

    Wildland Divisions

    EMT - D (BLS)

    EMT - P (ALS)

    Division of Special Operations offers the certifications listed below


    Rope Rescue

    Swift Water Rescue

    Rope/High Angle Rescue

    Diving Rescue

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